Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edamame Shots

A crowded Japanese restaurant is fertile ground for creativity due to boredom while waiting for the main dish. A couple weeks ago, JJ and I decided to invent a game of edamame shots. Basically, all participants need to order a bowl of miso soup and a plate of edamame (in shells) for the entire table.
Basic Game: The object of the game is to propel the edamame seed across the table into the opposing players miso soup bowl. First player to "pinch" 3 seeds into the miso bowl from across the table wins the round. Play as many rounds as needed until the food arrives. Miso can also be consumed and just use empty bowl.
Variant: For each round, player who loses buys a round of sake for all participants. (Can't play this variant with my 8-yr old, JJ. Yet.)

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