Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reject Obfuscation (Part IV)

This is the next installment of a recurring theme where the real issues are being deliberately clouded beyond recognition by those intent on influencing opinion, public or private, to their favor. The recent spike in oil prices has brought several proposals on the table for alternative sources of energy, conservation techniques, lifestyle changes and others. But leave it to the George W. Bush and the Republican Party to figure out a way to pollute the issue in the hopes of getting business interests of the petrolium industry ahead of everything else. Their proposal -- lift the ban on off-shore oil drilling, which ironically was put in place by the elder George Bush.
So why am I against putting more oil rigs off California's coast? Actually for selfish reasons. The picture on the left is the view from El Capitan State Beach, just 10 miles west of Santa Barbara. The state beach is my family's annual campsite for the last 10 some odd years. On this daytime shot, one can see two rigs off the horizon over to the left. So it's not as obvious during the day but at night (below), one can see these oil rigs ruin my otherwise pristine photograph of the half moon reflecting on the calm waters of the Pacific. So what's the alternative to lifting the ban of new off-shore oil drilling? Simple, drill on existing land that is already leased to these big oil companies. I want my kids (and all future generations) to be able to look out and not see the horizon dotted with lights from oil rigs.

Besides, it would be devastating to all marine life as well as the annual family camping event.

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