Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hammer Time

After six 1-hr rides in 3 weeks on the Bianchi cruiser bike, I've decided to get serious and get myself new cycling shoes (Pearl Izumi) and new gloves from REI in Rancho.  Today, I went up Day Creek Blvd twice on my road bike and actually felt good.  I miss the feeling of going uphill and reaching the top -- like stopping after hitting my head with a hammer.  I vividly remember this guy from the Montrose ride, Arsenio.  He only rode an hour every day and does the 65 mile club ride every Saturday and somehow he stays in racing condition.  Not that I even remotely consider bike racing again but it just feels good to be in shape and go up the hills fast.  Nonetheless, I have an hour to ride everyday (given work and home constraints) but I am definitely on the "Arsenio Program" -- hammer hard for an hour to get in fast and strong.  I'm not quite there yet but by the start of summer, I'll probably be shaving my legs again.

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