Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eleven Essentials

The American Express commercial says "Don't Leave Home Without It". My essentials, circa 2008. This is not the same set that I carried 5 or 10 years ago nor will it be necessarily the same set next year.
1) Blackberry 8700 (email/phone)
2) Hands Free Headset - driving in California without a handsfree phone has been illegal since July 2008
3) USB Drive - 2 gig is usually enough for sneaker-netting files
4) Wallet - has a set of essentials within
5) Trader Joe's Bag - to put all this junk since guys don't really carry purses
6) Moleskine Notebook - phone numbers, directions, random notes, sketches
7) Car Keys - vroooom
8) Ipod - cause LA radio sucks
9) Faber Castell Pen - quick sketch or note taking
10) Canon G9 Camera - for additional distractions while driving
11) $2 in Quarters - always, always needed for feeding parking meters

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