Friday, October 10, 2008

We Need To Keep Guantanamo Open For A Few More Years

Yes. That old, unconstitutional prison that W puts all terror suspects in for indefinite and unspecified reasons. Oh, and on top of that, keep the domestic spying program running as well for a few more years. Here's why.
The last 24 hours have been pretty clear to me that the Bush Republican base from the red states will not leave President Obama (I like the sound of that) alone to govern the nation out of the clusterfuck-after-clusterfuck that George W. Bush left him. These Bush Republican base had been videotaped at McCain and Palin rallies shouting "kill him", "cut off his head", etc. in reference to President Obama. So, President Barack Hussein Obama should direct the intelligence services to listen in on every trailer trash, uneducated racist in the red states for anyone who's uttered threatening words about President Obama. That is the perfect use of the Bush-initiated domestic spying program. Oh, and without a trial, issue an orange jumpsuit to every single one of them on their way to Guantanamo prison. Threaten my president, go to prison. No trial.
(My other option would have been to ship them to some iceberg in Alaska with Sarah Palin but they would still be technically under US laws there.)

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