Friday, May 13, 2011

Fat Tire Cruiser

When I sold my track bike to this kid who drove down from Fresno last week, I was really appreciative of the fact that he went well out of his way to get this bike.  Not having raced the velodrome in at least 15 years, I knew I would probably never ride the track again.  However, the law of zero sum game means the bike I got rid of needs to be replaced by another bike.  Enter this craigslist ad from Thousand Oaks for a Fat Tire cruiser.  Yes, T Oaks is 90 miles from Rancho Cucamonga.  But just like this kid from Fresno, I drove all those miles for a bike.  A used one but still in mint condition, sold by a lady who used to work at New Belgium Brewing Company.  This is one heavy cruiser, complete with springer front end, fake gas tank which is actually a compartment for a horn, bike rack and bell with Fat Tire logo.  Not quite Pee Wee's bike but close.  This one will sit in my living room.

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