Monday, August 13, 2012

Tangoes Type Set

Tangoes is a really good game to exercise ability to visualize the inner composition of objects and shapes.  It's a game where the playing field is somewhat level between adults and youth and is strictly based on the ability to interpret the abstract.  But I get bored with the game aspect and decided yesterday to come up with an alphabet set using the game tiles.  The guidelines I used in creating this set are simple.  Each letter must have some resemblance of the actual character, stay within a 2:3 base-to-height ratio and more importantly, there is no right or wrong answer.  My rules, my interpretation, my alphabet.  With the kids starting school last week, I figure it's time to start working on some of my art again.  Historically, for me at least, the end of summer means starting to get back into all these art projects I've had but didn't have much time to work on.  After all, summer is about enjoying the outdoors and outside of photography, most art happens indoors.  In case the set is not obvious, here's the sequence below.

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