Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project Merckx

I wanted to take these photos as a baseline before I start (yet again) another restoration project.  My 1983 Eddy Merckx bike equipped with full Campagnolo Nuovo Record.  It took me a while to find one my size (53cm) and color (blue).  Besides Belgian beer and Belgian waffles, a handmade frame with the name of the cyclist nicknamed "The Cannibal" is the only other thing Belgian that I desire.  The last photo with the sticker that says "MEXICO Km. 49,431" is worth noting.  Eddy Merckx set the world hour record in 1974 at a velodrome in Mexico City and was still the record holder at the time this bike was issued.  The hour record had been broken several times since by multiple cyclists but what stood out with Merckx's record is he did it with drop handlebars, a steel frame and wire spokes.  The world of cycling at the time hadn't crossed paths with the world of aerodynamics yet.  This restoration project is more of a cleaning project.  Most of the original part are on this bike except for one minor item - a missing handlbar plug.  This is my holy grail of cycling.

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