Monday, December 17, 2012

Geeked Out

I'm actually surprised I avoided it for so long.  I've been playing guitar, both acoustic and electric for as long as I can remember and not once did it occur to me to put together my own custom effects pedal board -- until last week.  Ever since the kids and I started playing, it was a struggle to get particular sounds like Tom Morello's guitar in Audioslave and Rage, and some surf guitar music as well.  When I found the GIG-FX Chopper last week, I knew it would be the central to getting most sounds I cared about.  However, there's also the 3 other pedals I used regularly and it became just a major pain to lug all 4 effects from room to room and having to plug in 4 separate 9-volt adapters.  A Saturday trip to Guitar Center and I'm officially all geeked out with my custom gear.  Ready to groove!

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