Monday, December 31, 2012

Tar Mosaics of Moonstone Beach

Oil and water do not mix.  But one thing water does is facilitate the mixture of oil (or some form of it like tar) and some other substance available in the near vicinity.  Anywhere in the coast of Central California, one will see patches of tar was ashore.  Yes, there is oil off the California coast and all one needs to do is look out in the water and count the offshore oil rigs that dot the western horizon.  There's tar as far south as the beaches of Ventura but I took these photos at Moonstone Beach in Cambria.  I found these mosaics very interesting and what I was looking at are works of art created by random processes of nature.  These are in the truest sense, very temporary installation that will soon wash away at the next high tide.  At which point, it's time to make new one.

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