Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making Pulp Out of Non-Fiction

I typically do not go to the movie theaters to see the same movie more than once.  So when I go see Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" twice in a span of a week, either it's an extraordinary flick or a set of extenuating circumstances caused it.  When I read that director Spike Lee had rejected the movie (which puts him on the same side as my mother-in-law), it's hard to resist going the first time -- which I did with the kids while we were in San Luis Obispo the day after Christmas.  Although fictional in nature, the movie takes on a very non-fictional subject, that of American slavery -- considered taboo for most of Hollywood and America as noted in the article below.


Simply put, Django rocks as most Tarantino movies do in terms of the action and comic book style violence.  And couple that with the subject of slavery, you have an instant classic centered around a black superhero played by Jamie Foxx.  Django has all the attributes of a cult classic had it bombed in the box office (highly unlikely).  Tarantino had upset a lot of establishment folks with his previous output and Django at least will keep him in the category of "Do Not Take Seriously" for a lot of movie critics.  But screw critics.  The movie was actually very funny with the dialogue and sidebars (e.g. hooded raid scene with Big Daddy played by Don Johnson) so when the kids and I were trying to figure out what to do on New Year's Eve, seeing Django a second time was a simple decision.

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