Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eff This Rag

I got this free rag in the mail thinking it was like an LA Weekly or Pasadena Weekly (which, by the way, I still read on a regular basis).  Nine-O-Nine magazine looked innocent enough until I read this one article on how to grow together as a family.  Why the fuck does the editor think everyone in the IE is a Jesus-freak?  Sure, it doesn't say Christian but "pray" and "higher power" are code-words for what that these people do.  Why not light an incense or practice yoga together (for those who practice the eastern religions)?  Or better yet, why not volunteer at a mission together (for the secular humanists amongst us)?  Since my blue recycling cans are outside next to the garage, the next issue I get won't be polluting the air inside my house.

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