Saturday, January 19, 2013

Going Old School

Sam had a school project that he needed some non-internet references for and while we normally hit the bookstores, I decided to go to the city library instead.  Besides, the City of RC public library is funded by my property taxes anyway, right?  So I signed up the kid for a library but what I had not anticipated is me getting one as well -- until I saw these CDs in the music library section.  Pastorius, Mingus, Peterson -- heavyweights of jazz.
There's also the factor of convenience.  The city library branch we went to was at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center which is close to all the place we eat at (CPK, King's, Corner Bakery, etc) so returning items is not a hassle.  Besides, I grew up with a library card and most kids these days haven't even been to a public library, so I thought my kids might benefit from the same experience.  The only rub is these CDs cost 50 cents to check out -- which is not a bad price considering.  Sam's books?  They're still free.

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