Thursday, January 3, 2013

Worth The Wait

In 1997, I could only afford to buy one electric guitar and I (wisely) chose an American Standard Fender Strat.  My other choice at the time was an Ibanez Talman because it was relatively cheap and I like the shape, finish and just about everything about it.  In 1998, Ibanez stopped making the Talman altogether and I've been on the hunt for one in the last few years, now that I can afford it.  Enter Craigslist Los Angeles.  This morning, I couldn't get myself to get out of bed so I grabbed the Ipad and put Talman in the Musical Instruments category and lo and behold.  Need to sell fast.  Moving.  Studio City.  I sent the guy an email before I even took off my pajamas.  By afternoon, I am the proud owner of a 15-year old Japanese-made Talman (I believe it's a TC825 model) with a Bigsby tremolo.  After spending an hour tonight re-stringing and adjusting the action, it's good enough.  First tune I played on it.  Hendrix's Voodoo Chile.

So I don't even track or count how many instruments I have.  I know this is an affliction that several of my friends suffer from.  G.A.S.  Article is below.  Guilty as charged.  At least with the kids playing too, every instrument acquisition gets obfuscated behind the "we-need-it-to-get-this-sound" rationale.

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