Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 1000-Hour Proficiency Model and The Finite Number of Hours In A Day

I have this long-standing belief that anyone who spends about 1000 hours on any endeavor has a good chance of being proficient in the activity of choice.  I subscribe to this belief in learning & education, motor skills activities like sports and most certainly, art & music.  Specifically, learning an instrument from square one.  I also subscribe to the principle that it's never too late to learn a skill -- no matter how difficult the subject matter, no matter your age.  And there's also serendipity, of course, as the opportunity presents itself.
A loaner electric piano became available to me last week and after about 4 hours, I can play simple boogie tunes and a minor ballad -- thanks to the internet, of course.  Well, there's that 2-handed method as well which had been a struggle so far.  Being a leftie, I can do arpeggiated chords in one direction smoothly depending on the hand.  Which means, I will need at least an hour a day for the next year to just get my motor skills in sync with what I intend to play.  So that leaves me with about 600 hrs of learning the theory which puts me at mid-2014 for my proficiency target of a thousand hours.  Althoug, something has got to give in order for me to get this hour a day dedicated for learning the piano.  Art? Cycling?  Guitar playing? Nope. Work? Can't afford to.  Sleep? Maybe.

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limom said...

I always wished I learned to play the piano.