Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Surf Guitar

I love rescuing old guitars from their previous, unappreciative owners.  This is a mid-80s Yamaha electric guitar Model SC300T (yeah just like that Lexus coupe model name) in candy apple red.  I will probably swap out the old pickups with a Fender single coils to give it that true surf guitar sound.  I spent most of this evening adjusting the intonation but not the action -- which seems just about right.  Speaking of surf guitar, I wish I still own the DMV plates I had with my '69 Mustang.  When I sold the car in 2009, I didn't even bother transferring the personalized plate back to me.  Not sure why but now I realize it was a mistake.
Above is the only picture of my SURF GTR license plate taken in 2001 with my future drummer, Sam (left, standing) and bass player, JJ (sitting).  Ironic thing is I was playing mostly acoustic guitar at the time but I just like the music of the Ventures, Surfaris, Dick Dale, etc. enough to get the plate.  I suppose the car also came out when instrumental music was really big.

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