Friday, February 1, 2013

Ideas On A Card

January is over and so far, this is only the first drawing I've done this year.  Gel pen on 6-panel 3x5 index cards.  I wanted to explore different drawing canvases this year and while I've done a few on 3x5 cards in the past, I want to see how far I can take some ideas I had written down last year.  (Ironically, those art ideas were written on 3x5 index cards.) Maybe this is what concept art is all about right?  The concept alone is sufficient and the artist gets bored or unmotivated.  Execution has a finite probability of anywhere between zero and one of actually happening.  Of course, all my art ideas have a better chance of realization if only I can put away my guitars for a while.


Shawna said...

Great idea! Makes me look at 3x5's in a new light.

Ron Labrador said...

Thanks. Boredom listening to teleconferences at work usually opens up ideas just doodling on whatever is available to draw on :)