Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Gold Standard of Point-and-Shoot Cameras?

I know several people who always carry a camera everywhere they go and are faced with the tough equipment choice between convenience and image quality. I've had a few 5-7 MP point-and-shoots over the years but I never liked the grainy pics and often wished I had one of my digital SLRs with me after I process the shots. But when I'm riding my bike or on travel, a DSLR is annoyingly bulky and there's never a good default lens I'm comfortable with. Then the Canon Powershot G9 came along. I bought this one sometime in April and I've used it often enough to say that it meets 90% of what I shoot with the bonus portability of a cell phone. I am extremely happy with the G9's user-interface and all short-cut keys are intuitive enough to become familiar with in a matter of minutes. The G9 even has the panoramic shot tool that assists in taking sequential images for digital stitching. The other feature I use quite a bit is the 16:9 aspect ratio (as well as raw image capture).
I highly doubt it will replace the DSLR I always have handy in the passenger seat of my car but the 12.1 megapixel G9 is small enough to fit in my pocket when I'm on my bike.
(Why I always carry a camera when I ride my bike is two-fold; first, I never know when something interesting will present itself but more importantly, in case some nutcase tries to run me down with their car, I can take a good zoomed in photo and hunt 'em down.)

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