Friday, September 26, 2008

Idiocracy (2006)

This is a stupid yet very creative (and funny) movie about what life would be like based on the assumption that those with higher IQs procreate at a significantly lower rate than those with below average mental capacity. The movie starts with an average person Joe Bauers, played by Luke Wilson who is frozen as part of an Army experiment but is awakened 500 years later only to find out that in this future world, he has the world’s highest IQ. The movie is pretty harsh in its portrayal of the not-so-smart population throughout the story line. (I can’t help but think of the red states in this country) but seriously, I doubt it will take 500 years. I say the country is well on its way there. The fact that the half the country (yes, people who cling to their guns and religion) cannot draw the distinction between lies and truth in the current presidential campaign is an indicator. Coupled with the appointment of a Vice Presidential candidate who not only is unqualified but is clearly of lower IQ than the other party’s VP nominee, it’s not going to take 500 years. Going back to the movie, everything in the future is run by corporations who had long decided mankind’s fate. There is a version of the warehouse giant Costco that is several square miles big. A Gatorade-like drink, Brawndo replace water as the liquid of everyday life. So as soon as they found out that Joe is the smartest man on earth, they put him on the most difficult problem they have – the lack of plants. Well, they say "it does not take a genius" to know that plants need water to grow. And the reason plants are not growing is that they are being irrigated with Brawndo. Doh! So when Joe tells the country to do this, the company who makes the Brawndo, of course, loses money and goes after him. Sound familiar? We are there now. Anyway, justice gets administered in a public arena where he has to fight, guess what? Monster trucks. Am I to deduce that people of lesser intellect enjoy monster trucks and beating that crap out of helpless people? Like I said, the movie is not kind. But hey, if the shoe fits…

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