Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Landscape Paintings (2007)

Not that kind of landscape painting.  Conceptual art is something I don't necessarily relate to nor something I find remotely interesting.  However, as my form of protest, I think it's a fairly convenient medium due to its simplicity and ease of execution.  As a way of poking fun at the art establishment, in particular art critics, I think conceptual art is both fitting and ironic.  Why on earth do these people have to speak in such flowery, incomprehensible language and pseudo technical terms that only they and their colleagues can understand -- no, actually, I doubt they even understand each other when they speak.  So this series I did back in 2007 is my way of saying that I'm just got so sick of artists and art critic using and abusing the word "landscape".  At some point, someone needs to tell these people to please just speak in normal English that average person can understand.  Kill the pretentious.  Using some stencil, black and white enamel spray paint and some cheap poster boards from Target, I think my commentary on the whole absurdity of the language of art speaks for itself.

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