Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Visual Mathematician

I've taken about half a dozen IQ tests as an adult and after every test, based on the sections I did OK in, I had been profiled as a "visual mathematician".  I'm not sure what that really means other than I have above average math skills as well as above average visual logic skills.  I hadn't really paid too much to that description of me until recently when I realized that a good percentage of the artwork I had produced lately have a very definite mathematical structure behind them.  It started a few years ago when I used to dial in to teleconferences for hours on end and I doodled on engineering graphing paper to keep my sanity.  Pretty soon, I had algorithms that generate specific non-decimal patterns and had consumed several pads of the pre-lined paper.  Years ago, I learned that math provides the elegance behind physics and the natural sciences but only lately have I come to realize that math can also be the basis of visual aesthetics.  Today, I make drawings executed on graphing paper.  What I like about my grid drawings is that fact that underneath all the apparent chaos of each drawing is a hidden mathematical structure.  They're not too terribly complex but it does take a bit of work to see the numerical basis of the visual.  (Above is a current work in progress titled "Number 0 Through 48 In A Spiral Progression")

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