Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rediscovering Music

When the kids started taking bass and drum lessons in November last year, I knew that not only was an opportunity for them to learn new instruments, but also a chance for me to get back into playing guitar.  The last couple years, I tried hard to pick up the acoustic or electric but it was just to much of a time commitment that conflicted with work (and last year, cycling).  Good thing, both my kids share the same musical taste, more or less, as me.  That means they wanted to learn Radiohead, Pearl Jam, U2, Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd etc. -- stuff I pretty much know already but haven't played in years (but thanks to the internet, I can look up any song in seconds).  And most importantly, I'm playing all my guitars again from the Taylor acoustics to the Strat to the classical guitar.  Thinking back, the kids are about the same age I was when I learned to play the guitar and although I haven't played much lately, my guitars are always there like old friends waiting to be reacquainted.  With all of 2012 in front of us, I'm forecasting a fairly music-heavy year of lessons, jamming, recitals and a few concerts for the year.

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