Friday, September 9, 2011

JJ's Bass Guitar

As a child, one of my most vivid memories with my father was listening to records.  I remember putting marching band music on the turntable and just enjoying the music.  I picked up early on an appreciation for music of all kinds.  That affinity for music is one of the gifts I really would like to pass on to my kids, for I know it's a life-long passion that only grows with time.  My kids and I share plenty of music listening these days from radio stations to live concerts.  However, I definitely would like for the three of us, someday, to play together -- guitar, bass and drum.  That dream just got a little closer this week when we picked up this used bass guitar from a craiglist ad.  Mind you, this bass is just a few inches shorter than JJ but he goes at it anyway.  He already plays guitar and trumpet and I think he'll find the bass a little bit challenging.

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