Sunday, September 11, 2011

TDAP Booster Phobia

JJ made this drawing a doctor administering a shot to a person sitting on a stool.  Earlier this summer, both kids got their TDAP shots, which are now required by the State of California for kids entering 7th grade.  He was really anxious about getting the shot but when the nurse offered the "cold" stuff to numb prior to getting the actual injection, neither he nor Sam hesitated with a yes.  With the cold stuff, basically you don't feel the prick.  What I like about this drawing are the details of the cabinets, the stool and best of all, the doctor's outfit.  His drawing have always had all the pieces -- it's just that he needs to adjust proportions, perspective, depth and texture.  Nonetheless, I think it's funny he sketched his trepidation.

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