Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Art Absorption

For as long as I can remember, I've been dragging both kids to museums all over -- either at home or when on vacation.  As soon as they can walk, we were off to LACMA or Exposition Park or Traveltown.  Although they have had an unusually biased number of visits to art museums.  I do not know if they will ever show any kind of affinity toward visual arts but they had been to most LA art establishments and even went on a quick tour of SFMOMA last year during a summer trip to the Bay Area.  I do not hold back in exposing them to modern art in particular, be it feminist (Judy Chicago) or graffiti (MOCA's Art In the Streets) or even what conservatives would consider vulgar (Hirst or Warhol).  I've always argued that it's a form of inoculation that I'd rather supervise than them finding out on their own.  The other thing is the younger one, JJ always complains about going to an art museum but almost every single instance, enjoys the exhibits and has a good time.  Given the fact that they don't teach any art in middle school, I will most likely continue to do this for a while.  In the picture above, both kids were clowning around the LACMA entrance in 2005.

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