Thursday, November 3, 2011

TJ Dinners

I feel really lucky my kids eat a fairly wide variety of food and as a result, dinners from Trader Joe's is typical.  I was just thinking that yesterday when 86% of what I served them was from TJs.  The 14% not from TJ is the steamed rice that went along with the Madras lentil (#1) and palak paneer (#2).  In addition, we've taken a liking to the Pasadena salad (#3), a combination of diced chicken breast, crispy noodles and diced almonds over a bed of lettuce.  But what surprised me the most was the mediterranean flatbread (#4) which the kids seem to prefer over pita bread to dip into the hummus (#5) to supplement the meal.  The entire dinner costs less than $20 and it relatively healthy and balanced eating.  Ok, a slice of pumpkin pie (#6) tipped it to around $26 but well worth it.  (Convenience definitely factors into the equation since the TJs off Haven Ave is on my way home from work.)

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