Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

I've been riding on the trail since April of this year.  I've taken it from I-15 all the way to Claremont.  I've taken my kids riding through sections of the trail during the summer.  Even the bike-friendly cities of Pasadena or Claremont do not have a Class 1 Bike Path, i.e., one that is completely separate from traffic.  So this puts Rancho Cucamonga above most foothill communities in the bike-friendliness scale.  Today, I found out that there is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is an advocate for the Pacific Electric Trail, an 8-mile bike path through my adopted city of Rancho Cucamonga.  As I rode the trail crossing at Etiwanda Avenue this morning, there was a table set up with some folks handing out flyers informing trail users of what the city has to offer.  I chatted with the volunteers a bit about the new section that crosses Foothill Blvd and how I think it's a great asset to the city.  If I will ever introduce my kids to civic consciousness of some kind, this might be a great way to get them involved in the community.  I'm looking forward to attending the first meeting of Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail on December 13 at the Lions Center East and see where I can help out.

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