Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brennecke's Beach (Poipu, Kauai)

Brennecke's Beach is in Poipu and we've been there 3 times in as many days.  About 15 miles from where we're staying in Kapa'a, Brennecke's is the best boogie boarding and bodysurfing spot we've seen in Kauai.  They call it for beginners but given our skill level, it is more than what we can handle.  I can stand out a hundred yards in the water and it is only waist-deep but the backwash could be nasty and shoot anyone up about 10 feet in the air.  JJ lost a pair of goggles and I lost a pair of sunglasses while in the water.  But Brennecke's is 100% fun.
Above is JJ on the left and Sam on the right, bodysurfing Brennecke's.  I didn't have my telephoto lens the first couple time but brought it on our third visit.  I did get a few other riders below.

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