Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Virgin Vinyl

I compare it to the nostalgic sensation when Will Smith put on a fresh pair of Chuck Taylor Converse in the futuristic movie "I Robot".  Something about the analog past just appeals to those who were fortunate enough to live it.  The sensation I'm talking about is cutting through the plastic shrink wrap of a vinyl LP, taking out the inner sleeve and handling the disc for the first time, putting is on the turntable as carefully as I can.  I must have done the routine hundreds of times since I was a little kid all the way to the early 90s when I last bought new vinyl.  Sure, I've been buying used LPs for years but last week, I found this unopened JFA album.  (JFA is Jody Foster's Army, punk/skate band whose guitar player is a good friend of mine.) Virgin vinyl.  What makes this JFA even more pleasurable is the unexpected surprise of blue vinyl.

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