Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hike #5 - Kuilau Trail, Kauai

We missed our Sunday hike last week since we were literally on a plane most of the day so we had to make it up today.  This is our 5th hike for the summer and it is a short one, about 3 miles in a tropical rainforest also known as the Kuilau Trail.  This is the kids' 2nd hike through a tropical rainforest, the first one being Manoa Falls in Oahu last year. 
Being in this part of Kauai is no different than being in the Jurassic Park movie set -- which happened to have been filmed in Kauai.
I did not expect to see too many hikers on this trail -- and we only saw about 10 others on this humid Tuesday.  Not too many animals either considering the island is littered with chickens.  It's also a change from all the dry hikes we've been doing back home in California.

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