Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden Island Greetings

The first 24 hours in Kauai had been a nightmare so far.  Two things I've learned. One, never stay at the Pono Kai Resort again.  Not all units have air conditioning.  Yep, that's a fucking bad assumption that maybe 100% of Americans make -- that is every hotel room in America has A/C.  Not goddam true.  Pono Kai condo we got did not have any A/C of any kind so I had trouble sleep in the humid island air. Second, screw Expedia for travel reservations.  Bastards did not have any warning of any kind that my hotel, which is estimated at $1500 for 10 nights did not have A/C.  So I was rebooked to a very nice Marriot about a mile south of Pono Kai.  But something that this whole fiasco has taught me is that American Express is probably the best friend a consumer can have these days.  I called AMEX and after I told them of my situation, they said I have the right to dispute any charges that both Expedia and Pono Kai might improperly put on my card.  But after getting the whole hotel room sorted out, we did drive to Poipu to boogie board at Brenneke's Beach and it was a blast.  We'll be returning to hit the waves again.

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