Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Riding

Cycling during the months of October, November and December is at best, unpredictable. Two weeks ago was perfect -- 70s and sunny during the afternoon, calm.  Last week, the Santa Ana winds hit on Sunday and the hill I normally ride up to get home -- which I typically take at 10 mph -- I was barely moving at half that speed with a nasty headwind and 90 deg  heat.  Today, I took a short 17 mile ride around Rancho Cucamonga and I had to put on my knee warmers and wear a long sleeve jersey.  The air temp was 50F and with the wind chill, it was easily 40-45 deg temps.  Next week?  Who knows.  Rain, sleet or maybe a heat wave. Still, I wouldn't trade the unpredictability with the predictable snow and cold of the north and east part of the US.

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