Saturday, November 3, 2012

Now Why Didn't Bose Think of That

Skullcandy seems to have fixed a couple issues I've had with headphones for years.  Nothing sucks more than spending a couple hundred dollars on a nice sounding pair and at some point, usually after the warranty runs out, the headphone cable pinches and the wire breaks rendering my toy unusable.  The Skullcandy Aviator had a simple solution to that by putting a headphone jack on the unit so a pinched cable problem is just that -- a cable problem.  I can go to any electronics store and buy another cable.  Which brings me to the second problem this innovative design idea solves.  Cables that are not long enough.  Sure, I can buy some extender but with the Aviator, I just buy a longer cable. And oh, by the way, these sound better (to me at least) than all models I tried except for a $300 Sony.  The Skullycandy Aviator sells for $138 at Best Buy.

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