Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Harm, No Foul

A friend from New York visited last weekend and showed him around the studio including some of the drawing concepts I have started just a couple days prior.  I was explaining to him how some of these images come into being, how to interpret each piece in the eyes of the creator.  What he said next, I'm not sure whether to take as a complement or not but it did come through clearly.  He said that he enjoys hearing artists at gallery openings explain their work, the inspiration, the process and the product -- in spite of whether the work sucked or not.  O-kay.  Thankfully, he's a really good friend and we go way back and besides, I don't get offended by people not liking my art.  I think that's what differentiates people who do art because they like it from those who are more interested in self-promotion because they have to sell.  One seems to take criticism better than the other.

Above is an untitled sketch using gel pen on wide-ruled composition notebook I did during the weekly staff meeting at work.  I've evolved some of the structures primarily inspired by the process of cell mitosis -- which I learned about while helping the kids study for their science quizzes.  Isn't that how art is supposed to be anyway, taking inspiration from everyday life?

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