Monday, November 5, 2012

Naked Lunch

I'd be lying if I say I completely get this movie.  However, I'm not sure the absence of my familiarity with anything William Burroughs-related is the root cause why.  I like Peter Weller in Buckaroo Banzai where he played scientist, test pilot, surgeon and rock star and Naked Lunch almost seems like a an offshoot of the Buckaroo script -- this time Weller playing a writer.  Maybe if I read the Burroughs' actual book, I might get the whole talking typewriter bug concept.  Or could it be director David Cronenberg's treatment that gives it an unsettling flavor to the narrative.  I'm fully aware of the controversy of this film -- where the topic of drug use and homosexuality is central to the creative process -- and how most red-blooded Americans would probably be turned away.  Hey, as long as they give me the choice whether I want to see it or not, who cares.  Naked Lunch feels closer to the other Cronenberg cult favorite, Videodrome (1983) although temporally, it is only a few years from the more commercial Cronenberg, Crash (1996).  If there is any movie that I would turn on any special features like a director's comments throughout, this is it.  Unfortunately, I already shipped this Netflix rental back.  If and when I find the time to actually read Burroughs' book, I will watch this again.

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