Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Electric Loves

Up until this year, I only lusted after acoustic guitars.  Taylor acoustic guitars in particular.  So it was a repressed behavior for years when I only had one electric guitar -- my trusted old 1997 Fender Stratocaster.  I haven't really had a need to get more than one electric guitar -- until last year, of course, when I started jamming with the kids who picked up bass and drums lessons.  I've since acquired via Craigslist two other strats and a telecaster.  Like my acoustics, each one of these has a unique sound and feel through a combination of wood, neck shape and pickups. 
 2001 Fender Delonge Stratocaster in Seafoam Green

 1997 Limited Edition American Standard in Burgundy Mist with matching headstock

 Headstock of Diamond Anniversary Fender Stratocaster in Blizzard Pearl

 Tex-Mex Pickups of Diamond Anniversary Stratocaster

2009 Warmoth Telecaster with Spalted Maple Top

Diamond Anniversary Neckplate

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