Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Time Already?!

Not too long ago, Sam was born at Cedars Sinai the day after the summer solstice in 1998.  We knew this year at Day Creek Intermediate School will go really fast as he prepares for his summer before starting high school.  Spring break last week, meant over 80% of the school year is over but nothing came stronger as a reality check than the packet for Los Osos High School that he took home yesterday.  It's only 2 miles away but mentally, it's as far as I've imagined him being away from home.  Next week, when we meet with the Los Osos school officials, it'll be as real as it gets.  Three years of middle school went fast; four years of high school will be 33% longer but will go just as fast, I think.  JJ is really not too far behind and soon enough, both will be in college.  Yikes.

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