Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cloud Atlas (2012)

I'm not sure I got everything that this movie had to say.  For close to 3 hours, I was just busy trying to follow along and not get lost with half a dozen different, yet interconnected, plot lines.  It's one of those movies that seemed like a cross-section of several other movies I had seen before.  Elements of Blade Runner, The Matrix, Contact, Artificial Intelligence all were present in some form or another.  Definitely not a movie to see when you have a lot in you mind (work problems, a sick child, overall anxiety that's hard to pinpoint, etc.) but something I would like to see again a second or maybe even a third time.  So everything is connected and everything that happens in the present is a product of some other event that had happened in the past.  Shades of quantum mechanics?  You bet, except at a macro scale.  From what I was able to process out of the movie, it is an honest attempt to ask some profound questions about the meaning of it all.  Life, that is.  Both kids saw it with me and I'm not I got more than they did out of it either.  For now, I'm just waiting for the DVD so I can re-watch it with subtitles.

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