Monday, October 22, 2012

When Is This Gonna End?

Today, the UCI, cycling's governing body stripped Lance of his 7 tour victories.  Now, I can sympathize how African Americans vigorously defended OJ Simpson when he was tried and acquitted of murder years ago.  Lance is one of our own -- not American we, but cycling community we.  There was Boyer, Lemond, Hampsten, Phinney before him.  Americans who paved the way for gringos to race as pro bike racers in Europe.  Those who followed the tour knew all along that it is a hard race and there is a reason PEDs are used mostly for recovery.  Pro cycling is dirty and everyone knows it.  I suppose the thing that bothers me is that those who jumped on the Lance bandwagon are getting off just as fast now.  Shit, should have never stopped to pick them up in the first place.  Most of them didn't give a damn when Lemond was betrayed and almost beat by his own French teammate in 1986.  The didn't care about Andy Hampsten riding the Gavia Pass in the Giro.  So like a bleeding cut, there seems to be no end to people getting off the Lance train -- no matter how much money he made them in the past.

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