Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Demographic of the 909 Alpha Male

There's had got to be a name sociologists would attach to this particular demographic.  I've lived in the 909 for over three years and tonight I put all the pieces together.  The kids and I ate dinner at the Yard House tonight at Victoria Gardens and I was quietly watching Sunday night football and it all came together.  Three ladies sat at the bar and their male partners/husbands/boyfriends stood about drinking beer.  What I saw in front of me was something I've never seen living in the South Bay, Westside or in Pasadena.  These guys are what I would call representative of the 909 Alpha Male demographic.  I've seen them at the Ralph's parking lot driving their crew cab 8-cylinder trucks.  I've seen the 909 A.M. walking at the mall wearing their Tapout or Metal Mulisha t-shirt.  The 3 men at the bar were all wearing short crew cut haircuts and on average stood about 6 ft tall.  Probably played football for Rancho Cucamonga High School.  Hell, I've seen them at the 24-hr Fitness as well, bench pressing 250 as I ran on the treadmill.  I go to the gym to work on my cardio to supplement my cycling.  They press to get big.  Work in construction? Maybe.  Law enforcement or fire department? Maybe.  Republican?  Definitely.  I'm sure they all head to Lake Havasu as their prime summer vacation spot.  Half of them listen to country and the other half listen to KCAL 96.7 for some Metallica.  100% football fan from the months of September through January and they watch MMA the other 7 months.  The fact that I only see them at the Yard House and at Lucille's BBQ and not at King's Fish House could only mean one thing -- their diet consists mostly meat and burgers and little fish.  And when they procreate with their bleach blonde ladies, the produce baseball-loving little clones of themselves and drive Suburbans when their crew cab trucks cannot fit their 909 families.  Come think of it, I've had close calls with these Suburbans on Banyan while on my bike.  My only fear bigger than getting run over by the 909 A.M. is one or both of my kids joining this interesting demographic.  

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