Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Like The Music But...

In Los Angeles, anyone can see a good concert just about any day of the week.  The Wiltern Theater happened to be the venue.  And I've been there sometime in the 90s to see K.D. Lang and the acoustics, the music, the audience was excellent.  Typical LA crowd.  My crowd.  Also in the 90s, I saw Creed, the rock band at the Palladium and it was a great show.  They had just released the "Human Clay" album and the audience was typical Hollywood.  That show rocked and of course, I had always liked Creed since their first album release.  I've always known about their somewhat "Christian" tendencies but had largely ignored it.  After all, lead singer Scott Stapp did a porn video with Kid Rock, right?  So why would the Christian Jihad music fans not dump the band.  Of course, I underestimated these "people".  Last night's concert opened with a Kiwi band, Like A Storm followed by a NY act, Eve To Adam.  Both openers just rocked the Wiltern as well.  In my opinion, that is.  My first clue should have been, the audience who mostly had come to see Creed didn't really welcome the two bands.  Applause was mediocre at best.  Half the seats in my section were unoccupied.  As Creed finally took the stage, everyone was going crazy of course, yelling and screaming through most of the tracks on the Human Clay CD -- which the band played from start to finish.  But as they proceeded to play their other hits (One, Torn, My Own Prison), I started noticing several people in the audience who where just standing and singing like they would in fucking church.  Disgust is too mild a word for how I felt.  Of course they could embrace any band these people feel like but my discomfort being around these "people" was borderline to the point where I actually considered walking out.  I came to see Mark Tremonti's guitar playing.  Hell, I even appreciate Stapp's soaring vocals.  However, I don't appreciate sitting in the same concert with people who do not remotely share my views on social issues (abortion, gay marriage, women's right, etc).  They say music is supposed to bring people together.  Maybe but it's really hard to me to tolerate the religious intolerance of these bastards.  I vow to never go to another Creed concert.  Ever.

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