Thursday, May 3, 2012

Remember CDs??

Yeah those shiny discs from the 80s and 90s that didn't contain pops of vinyl?  So the argument is digital media is cheaper, you can buy $0.99 per song at either Amazon or iTunes.  Earlier this week on a business trip to Denver, I found this music store Second Spin on Colorado Blvd, just south of Colfax Ave.  I decided to browse and bought these 4 CDs for a combined price of $20.  These are musical giants -- Miles, Oscar Peterson and Marley -- meaning, there isn't a bad track on these album releases.  I did the simple math of adding up the total tracks and at a dollar per track (roughly), I decided that the used CDs are way cheaper (73 songs/$73 vs $20).  That's a no brainer.  So what's the first thing I did when I got home yesterday?  Ripped them into mp3s so I can carry them in my ipod.

P.S.  I have been listening to a ton of Oscar Peterson lately and I can certainly see why nobody does jazz piano better.  Nobody.

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