Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project Hapa Strat

I got the Tom Delonge Strat in a sub-standard state but I knew it had good bones.  Love the neck, the fixed bridge and the single Seymour Duncan Invader pickup.  What I wanted was a guitar that can go from SRV-type blues to Audioslave riffs.  What I wanted was a single volume control -- not tone pots which I never use on any of my other guitars.  So I ordered some Tex-Mex single coils for the neck and middle positions to complement the Invader in the bridge position.  Then I custom ordered a pearloid pickguard from Warmoth to have the HSS cutouts but with a single volume pot hole.  Everything came together quite easily on Friday night as I soldered and routed wires.  By Saturday, my Hapa Strat was ready to plug in and play.  By Sunday, it's safe to say I can remove the protective film on the pickguard.  This surf green strat rocks!

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