Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hike #11 - Mt. Rubidoux

As summer vacation winds down, I decided to take the kids to Mt Rubidoux just so they don't get tired of the mountain trails in the Angeles National Forest.  I've been here only once before -- actually riding from Rancho Cucamonga to the top and I figured the kids might enjoy it.  Not the traditional trail hike but 3 miles of paved walking, traffic closed to cars and mostly pedestrians and cyclist.
On the east side of the mountain are all these prickly pear cacti growing wild.  On the background is the City of Riverside, with several buildings from the University of California Riverside very visible from the top.  Up here, I really get a good perspective of Riverside and surrounding cities.

At the top, we crossed a small ridge to get a good view of the City of Corona and the Santa Ana hills in the distance.  We explored the top a bit -- walked to the Serra Cross (after the Franciscan Junipero Serra) and the whole time, I was wondering there's really quite a bit of history on this little hill.  As with last week, we consumed all our water by the time we got to the top and it can't cool down soon enough in the IE.  I can only do so many of these hikes in 90 deg heat.

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