Monday, July 9, 2012

The Thrift Store Solution

The problem of about three dozen unplayed movies on VHS format when my VCR died about a year ago persisted until I found the solution a month ago.  I tried looking online for a new VCR but just couldn't get myself to procure a brand new unit for about $100 just to play some old movies I have on VHS.  Cult classics like Miracle Mile, Endless Summer (above), Point Break, The Killer are all new to my kids -- who discovered my VHS collection sitting in a closet but with no working VCR.  After I made a donation to the Goodwill Store in Upland, I decided to look inside to kill some time while the kids take their Friday night music lessons at Alta Loma Music.  For $7.99, I bought a used VCR in perfect working condition and soon enough, the kids were watching the Bruce Brown classic for the first time.  JJ remarked how good the soundtrack was to Endless Summer and how he ranked it in his top five movies list.  I know this cheap VCR probably will break down in a couple years so I'm actually considering getting a couple more used units from the Goodwill Store as a backup.  Analog rules.  Thrift stores rule even more!

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