Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kalihiwai Beach

On our way trying to find Secret Beach, we ended up in Kalihiwai Beach just half a mile west of the Kilauea.  There was no sign on the main road whatsoever about this beach so there were hardly any tourists(except us) enjoying the surf.  Mostly locals, which I can tell from the cars they drive (no self-respecting local would get caught dead in a Chevy Malibu.).  The waves are not as good as Brennecke's but I got a few good rides on the boogie board, nonetheless.
The lava pools, which is supposed to be accessible only from Secret Beach is actually just to the right of the cliff in the photo below.  I looked it up in the map when we got back to the hotel and realized we were oh, so close.  But the consolation prize of Kalihiwai Beach wasn't bad.  We stayed at over 2 hours, playing in the sand, boogie boarding and body surfing.
 I did notice this surfboard memorial nailed to a tree for a certain Bruce Sinjin Perdue who died at a young age of 23 sometime in May 2012.  With a little bit of research, I found out he died in car accident driving home to his residence in Kilauea.  I've never been to Kalihiwai Beach before but it certainly looks like a small, tight-knit community and can only imagine how devastating it must be to lose someone so young to tragedy.  If I lived here, I would have my ashes spread here as well.

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