Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Will never forget this day.  I heard President Obama around 715am on the radio about some shooting in Colorado.  Aurora, a suburb of Denver the report said.  It's not any typical Friday.  A dozen dead.  Another 55 wounded.  Shot.  I know people who live in Aurora and throughout the metro Denver area.   I've travel on business to Aurora.  The kids wanted to see The Dark Knight Returns.  As a parent, you hope you raise your children to be incapable of this terrible act of violence.  As a parent, you hope your kids do not suffer the same fate to a similar random act of violence.  Four legal guns purchase in the last 2 months.  If this doesn't change the way this country deals with guns, I don't know what will.  But there will be other days for politics, President Obama said in his speech.  Sad.  The country will never be the same again.  Very sad.

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