Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smith's Luau

In Kauai for 11 days and not eating in the same restaurant more than once is a worthy feat.  But the main meal we all looked forward to was going to a luau -- which we haven't done since December 2007.  Ironically, the last luau we went to was held at the Marriott, which is were we stayed on this trip.  However, that luau (Hiva Pasefika) is no longer around so we tried Smith's Garden Luau just steps from the Wailua River.  Above is the obligatory luau photo that was taken with me and my two hapa haole boys as we entered the Smith compound.  Who would risk going to a luau named Smith's and not question its Hawaiian authenticity, right?  (Turned out Smith is 3rd generation Hawaiian but is the paternal name from England.  Maternal is full Hawaiian.)  The food from Smith's is much better but maybe that's not a valid comparison since it's been 5 years since I've been to a luau.  One thing I'm sure, however, that the Hiva Pasefika show was better, had audience participation and more professional.  Smith's is a family-run business and that includes performers.  Overall, if I have to go to a Kauai luau again, I'll probably go back to Smith's.

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