Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back In Time

If someone told me a year ago that I will be paying $15 each for a used vinyl album today, I would have reasoned that it's highly unlikely since I don't even buy CDs anymore -- and if I did buy a CD, I typically spend $8 or less since I would buy them used. Fast forward to October 1, 2010.  Having gotten the turntable spinning again after a 15-year hiatus, I went to the antique circle in the City of Orange in search for vinyl.  This time, it's for both the music and the artwork - and the potential that these jazz vinyls are only going to get more expensive.  While they still occasionally release a U2 or Pearl Jam on vinyl, the limited market for jazz vinyl probably does not justify any production run.

Last week, I saw brand new vinyl copies of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew and Birth of the Cool in a box set for a mere $117!  So in retrospect, paying $15 each for an almost mint condition John Coltrane double LP and a Buck Clayton classic is probably a bargain.  The past has such a grip on my generation that it's not even funny.

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