Sunday, January 30, 2011


The idea came to me when I saw a paint-by-number kit at the arts & crafts store a while back. Basically, art for the masses that originated sometime in the 50s, paint-by-number allows anyone to create a work of art by following simple instructions.  I've always been intrigued by the different pedagogical methods of learning how to draw so it was a simple extension of thought that brought me my own creation.  Drawing-by-number is a combination line drawing practice and mental exercise where the goal is to draw an object one is familiar with, like for instance, my Fender electric guitar, with a single continuous line i.e., not lifting the pen.  Proportion and realism is important but my main emphasis is more on the mental challenge of making sure all the parts of the object are drawn and the fluidity of the sketch.  The end product is a drawing that can be copied by anyone who follows the numbers in sequential order - which I put in the finished image.  Below is a collage from my sketchbook of several objects I've drawn using this technique.

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